Transnasal endoscopic skull base surgery in the COVID-19 era: Recommendations for increasing the safety of the method

Exoquant Overall Exosome Capture and Quantification Assay Kit

Product name Capture and general quantification of exosomes, test kit Full Product Name ExoQuant General Exosome Capture and Quantification Assay Kit (Cell Medium; Colorimetric) Product synonym names Exosome ELISA kit (cell medium; colourimetric); Exosome quantification kit (cell medium; colourimetric); Exosome Capture and Quantification General Assay Kit Species reactivity: Cell media Test type: Quantitative sandwich Preparation […]

Innate immune-gene expression during experimental amyloodiniosis in European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax)

Spherotech Accucount Blank Particles

Introduction Assays for cell counting using flow cytometry and calibrated fluorescent particles are fast and accurate. The single platform method that enumerates T cells by counting the identifier cells in a precise known cell volume or an internal “peak” of a known number of fluorescent particles calibrated by flow cytometry is simple and efficient. These […]