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Elisa Kit


Creative Diagnostics offers a wide range of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits for the detection of hundreds of different proteins and molecules, including cytokines, growth factors, markers of infectious diseases, diabetes and tumours, drugs and small molecules, etc. . ELISA kits are a fast, convenient and accurate research tool for the detection and quantification of targets of interest in cultures and samples. We offer multiple assay formats including traditional sandwich ELISA kits, competitive ELISA kits, as well as cell-based ELISA kits for many targets.

These ELISA kits include pre-coated plates with capture/detection antibodies, standards, buffers, and accessory reagents. Each kit undergoes stability and validation testing suitable for its purpose to ensure precision, accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility. You can search for the ELISA kit you need by target name, species, etc. If you need help, our experienced scientists will be more than happy to provide optimized protocols and helpful technical support to speed up your research.

CDSimple ™ Chemiluminescent ELISA Kits

CDSimple ™ chemiluminescent ELISA kits use a chemiluminescent substrate to detect key biomarkers in life science research and require a luminometer for output reading.

Product characteristics

  • Ready to use

Each ELISA kit consists of a coated plate and a ready-to-use solution. It does not require special handling. Simple operation.

  • Various species

The CUSABIO ELISA kits cover more than 30 species with broad research areas, including humans, mice, rats, cattle, rabbits, pigs, sheep, goats, monkeys, etc.

  • High sensitivity

We randomly compare the sensitivity of our ELISA kits with that of other vendors.

  • Various biological samples

CUSABIO ELISA kits are validated in multiple biological samples: serum, plasma, body fluids, such as urine, cell culture supernatant, cell/tissue lysate, tears, breast milk, saliva, etc.

  • Cited in more than 7000 references

CUSABIO ELSA kits are increasingly cited in publications of renowned journals such as Nature, PLOS One, JASN, Bio-Factors, Scientific Reports, APS, etc.

What is ELISA?

ELISA, short for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, is a method of detecting the presence of a ligand, which is generally a protein, in a liquid sample using antibodies directed against the protein to be measured. Compared to other immunoassay methods, ELISA has higher sensitivity, specificity, and performance. In addition, it is easy to do. These advantages make ELISA a very popular choice for researchers in various fields.

How does an ELISA kit work? What is the typical ELISA workflow?

  • First, the antigens of interest are immobilized on the microplate by incubation overnight. This step forms antigen-coated wells.
  • Second, add the enzyme-labelled antibodies to the wells. Sometimes the unconjugated antibodies are added prior to the addition of the enzyme-labelled antibodies according to the requirements of the experiment. Antigens are either captured directly by enzyme-labelled primary antibodies or indirectly captured through enzyme-labelled secondary antibodies that have bound to unconjugated antibodies on the microplate.
  • Third, specific biotinylated detection antibodies are added to the wells to allow the detection of captured antibodies. The substrate solution is then added to each well. The colour reaction occurs after incubation of the plate at 37 degrees centigrade for 5 minutes.

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